BCSD 2012 Update #10: BCSD Photo-Set by Vincent Morretino

Photography by Vincent Morretino

The Farm

JC not with the 2.0

Turkey Bacon


The Monster

The only place with proper network in the whole building

Dave Lang with a steezy soul on a rail

Aragon rollin’

Erik Bailey with a basic sweatstance on a yellow rail

Bunch of bladers

Same yellow rail, same Bailey, different trick

Is it the angle, the rail looks tall…?

More bladers

The pros

Mr. Walt Austin

Nobody knows your name, everyone remembers your face. You win…

The man behind it all

The Monster not killing anything

This man was once on USD

Daniel Kinney hammered

Brett Urbas excited

Getting paid

Stockwell lurking

AB with the stacks, Aragon with the stare

More images in the gallery below!