Barn Burner 2010

By: Erik Allas and Dave Mitchell

Photos: Erik Allas and Chris Wedman

This year’s event was quite different than any other Barn Burner ever held.   The numbers, crowds, vendors, and media was the lowest in Barn Burner history. There were many contributing factors to this.  There has been a recent change in ownership of the Skatepark, change in promotion staff, WRS participation, etc… etc.. etc.. the list goes on.

But the lack of participants and spectators didn’t stop many rollers from leaving any less of their hearts, blood, and our sweat on that battlefield called the SkateBarn. The contest this year, in different  ways, was better. The smaller turnout made way for a more personable setting. The pros were more approachable, and gave many up-and-coming rollers a chance to really see what being a professional is about. The event was more like a hardcore skate session with your friends, where Aaron Feinberg, Louie Zamora, Jeremy Townsend, Eric Bailey, Ross Kuhn, and Jeff Dalnas happen to show up and shred.

The first place prize of $1000 was nothing to scoff at, as a added bonus Mike Powell came through with a free set of K2 Ski’s courtesy of the only skate manufacturer at the event . 

Highlights of the contest included Aaron Feinberg’s gap to disaster soul on the vert ramp that won him best trick.  Eric Bailey came through with a myriad of spin to grinds and alley-oop tricks on the hitching post. Barn locals Brandon Weller and Josiah Blee showed everyone how the park should be skated by linking a series of tricks on a variety of obstacles putting together clean lines. One of the craziest things I’ve ever witnessed attempted, a misty to back flip attempt by Street Battle Seattle creator Jeremy Townsend, definitely got the crowd on their feet.

Big ups to everyone that put in the hard work to make this event happen.  If it wasn’t for these dedicated rollers, we wouldn’t have the Skatebarn much less this event.  Thanks to Al and Dan Lee for keeping the doors open, Rob Inks and Kawika Jarmin for putting in the hard work creating new obstacles every year for people to skate, and K2 for giving away skates and ski’s.

1st Place – Eric Bailey
2nd Place – Brandon Weller
3rd Place – Josiah Blee

Best Trick – Aaron Feinberg