ACF NYC Competition going down on 4th of June

Written by Quinn Feldman

New York City will be host to one of the ten A Chosen-Few competitions going down this Summer taking place on June 4th. The theme of this comp is to pay homage to NYC’s competitions of the past. Meet at Battery Park at 1:00PM to register to enter. The competition starts at 2:00PM. 

The first spot will be the classic benches. The second spot, the infamous high ledge. The third and final spot will be the Staten Island stadium ledges and rails where some of the biggest and best tricks in NYC went down. 

First place is guaranteed $150.00 in prize money. Top five contestants will split prizes from Razors, Inline Warehouse, Be-Mag, and Aggressive Mall. Top ten contestants will get an official ranking on the World Rolling Series and A Chosen-Few system. First and second place automatically qualify for the ACF finals in Los Angeles on August 19th and 20th.

-Quinn Feldman