Tour life: Jeremy Stephenson (Part 2)

After an awesome first part of the journey through Jero’s photo-archive, here now is the second one out of three.
Jeremy Stephenson is not just “a photographer”. He was the key staff photographer for Be-Mag, his pictures have been published in almost every blading magazine. Your favorite company has most likely hired him to shot adverts for them and he has had more cover-shots than most photographers will probably ever have.
Not only is he an awesome photographer but he also distributed Be-Mag and Kendama in America, all whilst traveling the world shooting for that next cover shot. He is the kind of person you wish you could hang out with more often. He is one of the friendliest and down to earth persons you will ever meet. Who else could be better than Jero for our first “Tour life” feature. This is the first part of three part series, showing skate pics and snapshots that he has captured over the years traveling all over the world. We are proud to present an insight into the world of one of the most skilled people to ever pick up a camera in our industry, Jeremy Stephenson.
If you missed the first part click HERE.

Was shocked to show up at this event in a small Ecuador town and find a billboard of Jeff and Alex. Memo goes hard.

Road tripping with Yuri at the great salt lake, Utah.

Aragon Bank 540 with too much photoshop.

Wild posture guy. Reno NV.

Jeromy Morris, big hopss to wallride. Reno NV.

Ah, Bittercold

I forgot how big this is. Chill Don!

More MJ steeze in Chinatown, NYC

Not sure if this ever got used in Fish's interview, but super slim rail roll in Jersey (or Connecticut... can't remember which)

Madison Avenue, NYC

Too much horseman for 1 article? Comedy in Japan.

Some terrifying moments after Fish got hit by a car in Barcelona.

This was the front of the car that almost killed Fish. Barcelona, Spain

Heat Tour skate storage

Carl, James, and Oli overlooking the Utah Desert

Dont pass out on the curb. Erik and Oli will get you.

When you're on tour and cant' afford hotels, there's always neighborhood parks to crash in.

Insane energy at a football (soccer) match in Ecuador.

RIP mini DV

Was cruising through Ecuador when this guy missing his front teeth was drinking whiskey out of a bucket and offered a shot.

The classic "family of 4 on a motorcycle". Ecuador

This security guard got way out of line after J.Bah was skating the rail in the background. About 10 seconds later he was upside down in the bushes calling for backup in regret.

I still can't believe this shot went down.

Michael Collins could never pull girls until he got this pic up on his Facebook.

Alex Royal in Austin TX