Tour life: Jeremy Stephenson (Part1)

Jeremy Stephenson is not just “a photographer”. He was the key staff photographer for Be-Mag, his pictures have been published in almost every blading magazine. Your favorite company has most likely hired him to shot adverts for them and he has had more cover-shots than most photographers will probably ever have.
Not only is he an awsome photographer but he also distributed Be-Mag and Kendama in America, all whilst traveling the world shooting for that next cover shot. He is the kind of person you wish you could hang out with more often. He is one of the friendliest and down to earth persons you will ever meet. Who else could be better than Jero for our first “Tour life” feature. This is the first part of three part series, showing skate pics and snapshots that he has captured over the years traveling all over the world. We are proud to present an insight into the world of one of the most skilled people to ever pick up a camera in our industry, Jeremy Stephenson.

Jeremy Stephenson (Shot by Jeff Stockwell)

When I first got the email about contributing toward the “on the road” article, I was a little bummed because the hard drives with all my shots are on the other side of the planet right now.  I’ve been in Asia for about 7 weeks, and won’t be back home for a while.  The more I thought about it, I realized it was probably MORE appropriate to make this type of article while away from home.  Even though I don’t have the full archive here, it’s a good excuse to search through the laptop that travels with me, and see what photos I can find hiding inside.  I found a lot more than I expected to. – Jero
Murda timeless steez in Boston

Mark TTS in Philly

This was taken on the first tour I ever go to go on with Skatepile. The photo sucks but the trick is nuts. Wedge fakee rolling this beast.

Horseman antics in Japan. 2006.

Morris on a super Kansas setup spot.

Kayaking solo into the wilderness in Alaska.

I never shot much medium format, but Gorski let me borrow his camera for this shot and sent me the scan. Thanks Bud! Chase Rushing in Dallas.

Shimpei capsule hoteling in Japan, 2006

Brooklyn rooftop summer nights. 4th of July.

Blade life apartment for a year in Manhattan.

This actually worked. Hitchhiking meets craigslist.(Click to zoom)

These cops actually helped fix our tour van tire, instead of giving us all felony drug trafficking charges. Denial tour somewhere in Florida?

HDR test Yellowstone National Park

First trip to the Grand Canyon with the homies after an insane back country drive. Be-Mag tour.

Jeff and Alex putting in serious work deep in the wintertime.

All the snow shoveling for this Philips 66 snap. Red QT gloves.

Had to drive the frozen car into the park to get the shot.

Feeling awful the morning after BCSD some year

This is what the trunk looked daily like when we shot B-Smiths Interview. San Fran.

Not a good gap to clip your toes on. Dre's homie in Charlotte.

Horseman antics still crack me up to this day. Ridiculousness somewhere in Toyko

B-Mo close range impossible loop. Dallas TX.

After scaling a live Volcano in Chile with a pick axe

The shirts you find in Japan are priceless.

Part 2 of Jero on the Road coming next week! (Shot by Ross Kuhn)

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