Amsterdam Sessions

Richie Eisler, Nick Lomax and Dustin Werbeski
 spent a few weeks in Amsterdam right after Winterclash. The outcome is another fresh edit as well as a few pictures. Never insist its too cold to shred the streets in wintertime…


Text: cavin035 / Pictures: Bojd Vredevoogd & cavin035 / Video: Richie Eisler

Winterclash in The Netherlands is always a busy week for me. First, helping Jojo and his team in Eindhoven, then on Thursday I pick up skaters from the airport to crash at mine. Show them Amsterdam to see the local attractions. 🙂
Winterclash is also the best event to see all your buddies from all over the world again.
But this year there was no Winterclash for me ’cause I was on tour in Spain with the Dutch hardcore/punk legends “NO TURNING BACK”. But, when I got home there was a nice surprise waiting for me: Mr. freebird, Richie Eisler and his new companion Nick Lomax where there to stay with me for a couple weeks. Due to injuries and bad weather the 1st week was full of resting and searching for spots to skate. Rich’s buddy, Dustin Weberski heard about the stay in Amsterdam and decided to take a pitstop in The DAM before flying back to Canada with his girlfriend. I hooked my buddies up with some bikes (the only good way to travel in the dam) and we went to shred in the freezing weather. Longjohns and a lot of teahouses was the best way to stay warm. Words can not express the whole trip so just take a look at the edit Richie made and the pictures Bojd Vredevoogd and me took.