Top 5: Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman (shot by Adam Crobz)

Having sponsors like Valo, Vibralux and Street Artist, and being featured in the last two Adam Johnson flicks already shows that B Free is much appreciated by some of the top guns in Blading. Why is that? Simply because he is doing his thing and he’s enjoying it. Watching edits or sections of him is always a pleasure and one can feel the good times he had while filming. Since there isn’t much information to find about Brian online, we think it’s time for a Top 5…
Top 5 words to describe yourself
– Peace
– Love
– Happy
– Fun
Top 5 things about traveling with Adam Johnson
– You can’t wait till the next one.
– Adventures to places you never been
– Will let you surf on the top of the van while driving with the lights out
– You will never know what’s going to happen next.
– You learn to value a dollar.
Top 5 worst things that happened to you while filming for a video part
– Getting hurt on the first day.
– Touching a dead dog that brought nothing but shitty weather.
– Stolen money, ID, my plane ticket back home, iPod and the weed.
– 21x a day. (For those who know.)
– Getting tickets by the fuzzfucks getting kicked out of skate spots like in Houston, tx filming for Pariah.
Top 5 bladers of all time
– Jason Howard
– Rachard Johnson
– Alexander Broskow
– Montre Kushington
– Jon Julio
Top 5 companies to skate for
Street Artist
– L$T
Top 5 blading products ever
– Invention of UFS
– Valo AB 1s
– VibraluX Chris Farmer jeans
– Street Artist Billy O’Neil wheels
– Jug V cut liners.
Top 5 video parts
– Jason Howard’s section in Steal This Video “armed and dangerous” and he used that biggie song Notorious Thugs.
– RJ’s section in WAR 2. (That was first video I ever seen. Did you how long he was grinding shit??).
– AB’s secret section in KFC 2.(id watch that and the Black Fabric video before school every day.)
– Jon Jon Bolino’s section in “Regardless” (Spanish voice)
– Boschi “the bloody pope” Pope section in New York One.(killed it to that 50 cent song remember?)
Top 5 people
– Isaac twins
– Dorian Deshay
– Mason Richard
– Black Bart (q.lamb)
– Ryan Stevens
Top 5 cities
– Austin
– KC, Mo
– Chicago
– The Bay
– Screwston
Top 5 foods
– Ahn’s Burgers (their breakfast is the shit too!)
– Torchy’s Taco’s (best damn tacos)
– Stoney’s Pizza truck
– Shrimp Fried Rice (I don’t get too crazy)
– Philly Cheesesteak
Top 5 most played on your iTunes?
– Howling Wolf
– Black Sabbath
– Curren$y ( Jets )
– Electric Wizard
Top 5 music producers?
– Monster Beats
– Chuck Inglish
– Alchemist
– Ski Beats
– Chris Adams
Top 5 on the bucket list
– Wild police chase in a fast car.
– Own a pirate ship named the Doris Ann.
– Help the longevity of our blading culture.
– Mile High Club.
– Roll inside a bubble ball in New Zealand.
Top 5 movies
– Belly
– Pans Labyrinth
– Enter the Dragon
– The 5th Element
Top 5 websites
Top 5 ways to spent 5$
– Not to spend it.
– Free 99c
– $ menu
– Buy one get one free
– repeat #2
Top 5 things to worry about
– Dont
– worry
– everything
– will be
– alllllrighhtt.
Top 5 places you want to visit?
– Spain
– Amsterdam
– Egypt
– Brazil
– New York
Top 5 items to take on tour
– Bob
– 2 phone charger’s
– Socks!
– iPod
– Toothbrush