Top 5: Gabriel Hyden

Over the course of the past ten years, Gabriel Hyden has been featured on Be-Mag so many times that it is hard to even remember the precise number anymore. And if we once had secrets to share with you, it is very likely that you all know everything about Gabriel now!

Not only is he one of the most incredibly stylish bladers to ever grace the European continent, but the man is so full of talent that his art is also expressed through his photography, his video work, or the music he plays along with his band Vague, which was recently on tour across Europe after signing their first deal with a record label.

It sounds like a lot for just one person already, but the release of his first signature skate for Shima Skate Manufacturing last month was yet another accomplishment that very few have managed to reach, and even more so on this side of the Atlantic ocean.

So when the time came for yet another Be-Mag interview, we decided it would be his turn to share some of his very own secrets. We fired Gabriel a round of Top 5 questions so he could dig a little bit deeper, and this time, take upon himself to write his own interview!


Intro: Freddy White
Interview: Johannes Jacobi
Photography: Stefan Paul / Gabriel Hyden

Top 5 things people don’t know about you
– I´ve been skating for exactly 20 years now
– I wanted to become a farmer before I got my first pair of skates
– I wear the same clothes in almost every clip of my 666 section
– I´m not from a Australia
– I play in a band and have been touring Europe this year

Top 5 words to describe yourself
– Open
– Jealous
– Narcissistic
– Thirsty
– Giving

Top 5 ways to annoy you
– Calling me 10 times a aay, really! Leave me a message or something.
– Closing a bar while I´m in
– Going through the main shopping street with girls
– Putting me under time pressure
– Interrupting while I´m relaxing

Top 5 on the bucket list?
– Buying an old farm and make it a home
– Fighting global warming actively
– Becoming a father
– Stop smoking
– Making a long trip on my moped

Top 5 things about girls
– Eye contact
– Legs
– Smell
– Décolleté
– Girls

Top 5 things about being in a band
– Girls
– Actually using that goddamn expensive equipment
– Touring
– You can actually drink and play, hard on skates
– Your apartment stays clean while you party in the rehearsal room

Top 5 gigs you’ve played with your band
– Summerclash Berlin
– Fluc Vienna
– Pudelclub Hamburg
– Paris
– Heilbronn

Top 5 worst things about traveling
– Old cheese somewhere in your bag
– Missing planes
– Bad weather
– Broken wheels
– Being out of cigarettes

Top 5 best things about traveling
– Feeling far away from your daily routine
– Hearing stories
– New people/old friends
– Sense of freedom
– Give and take


Top 5 video sections
Brian Shima – Brain Fear Gone
Jon Elliot – Uncloned
Adam Brierley – Voodoo Show
Brandon Campbell – Noir
John Bolino – Pariah
… ah there´s too many, before I’m getting lost on the Internet I’ll just leave it.

Top 5 things about Vienna
– Coffee
– Architecture
– Summer
– Kreisky
– The Danube

Top 5 worst things about Vienna
– Ottakringer beer
– Skatespots (or am I just a pussy?)
– Wintertime (seriously)
– People in wintertime
– The wind

Top 5 bladers of all time
Chris Farmer
Brian Shima
Jon Elliot
Alex Broskow
David Sizemore

Top 5 favorite bladers when you were 13
– Shima
Brandon Campbell
Dominic Sagona
– Chris Cheshire
Jon Elliot

Top 5 songs right now
– Younghusband – Comets Crossed
– Alex Cameron – Real Bad Lookin
– Lou Reed – A Gift
– Lower Dens – To Die in LA
– Mac Demarco – Passing out Pieces

Top 5 movies
– The Godfather
– Taxi Driver
– A Clockwork Orange
– Fargo
– The Life Aquatic

Top 5 websites
– Girl.on

Top 5 foods
– Firebowl
– Hot Salami Pizza
– BBQ Anything
– Spinach anything
– Wine in sauces


Top 5 blading photos on your wall as a kid
– Dustin Latimer – Topsoul to drop (Daily Bread Cover)
– Mike Johnson – Fishbrain in New York (Jethro Ad?)
– Shima – Backside – Jethro Ad
– Jon Elliot – Razors Ad
– Josh Petty’s face – Daily Bread

Top 5 ways to spent 5$
– Cigarettes
– 5 beers
– Käsekrainer hot dog
– Giving it to a bum
– Gasoline for the moped

Top 5 things to worry about
– Climate
– Waste
– Drinking Water
– Girls
– People who spend their days looking in their phones

Top 5 people
– Dad
– Mom
– Brother
– Friends
– Jesus Christ

Top 5 items to take on tour
– Cash
– Extra wheels
– Extra frames
– Cheese
– Small speakers

Top 5 tours you’ve been on
– Ignition Wild East Tour
– Going on the road with Maik
– Ignition Tour 2005
– Ignition Scandinavia Tour
– Going through America with Roland and Klaus

Top 5 worst jobs
– Skating for USD when I was 11

Top 5 best jobs
– Skating for Shima at 25



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