Top 5: Brian Freeman

Our last interview with Brian Freeman was featured on Be-Mag just a year ago, and if you see the Valo team rider’s contagious smile pop up on your favorite website today again, it isn’t really a coincidence. Organized by Bfree and made possible by local blade enthusiasts, the third annual Blade Jam took place yesterday in Oakland, and this successful event is just one of the many manifestations of Bfree’s energy and positive influence on the blading world.

Along with Don Bambrick, Quintin Lamb, Brian Weis and Sean Darst, the young man is also part of the newly revamped Street Urethane team, and just received another pro wheel from the company. As they are just about to hit the stores worldwide, Bfree made sure to please the crowds online too, and teamed up with Blader Gang guru Erick Rodriguez to produce a full-length section which should be available on VOD any day…

As you can now see, it really was no coincidence we caught up with the ever positive Brian Freeman, and decided it was the perfect time for this Top 5 interview!


Words: Freddy White
Photography: Jonathan Labez

Top 5 words to describe yourself
– Meticulous
– Spontaneous
– Lover
– Optimistic
– Warrior

Top 5 ways to annoy AJ
– Ask a million questions
– Being a shitty driver
– Zer0 coffee
– Not filming
– Not clipping the fuck up

Top 5 life experiences
– Still experiencing
– Moving from TX to Cali
– Going to Puerto Rico with all the homies
– Going to Mexico with all the homies
– The Oakland Blade Jam

Top 5 things to read
– All the blade mags
Paulo Coelho
Carlos Castaneda

Top 5 video sections
Jason Howard – Steal This Video
Rachard Johnson – F.O.R 2
Boschi Pope – New York One
– Montre Livingston – Say Word sections
Julian Bah – Ego


Top 5 places to live
– Austin, TX
– Oakland, CA
– Chi town
– Puerto Rico

Top 5 things about Street Urethane
– Loyalty
– Kush
– All star crew
– Family
– Royalty

Top 5 people to look up to
– Jah
Huey Newton
– Yourself

Top 5 places to visit or to live
– Spain
– Jamaica
– Australia
– Brazil
– Indonesia

Top 5 worst things about blading
– Money
– Old stigmas
– The hate within the culture
– Not enough people on blades
– Lack of exposure to the masses


Top 5 things about blading
– Friends
– Travels
– Knowledge
– Experience
– Gypsy

Top 5 foods
– Pizza
– Pasta
– Ahn’s burgers
– Tacos
– Shrimp fried rice

Top 5 ways to spent 5$ 
– Weed
– Food
– Water
– Papers
– Save it

Top 5 things to be excited about 
– Every
– Moment
– In
– This
– Life

Top 5 reasons to get a BG tattoo
– If your tattoo artist is the great Chuck C.
– If you have been blading a good majority of your life
– If you believe in something that other people around the world feel the same way about.
– If you want to be a part of a movement
– Do you love blading?

_MG_8539 color

Top 5 worst injuries
– Broken shoulders
– Fractured knee
– Torn stomach muscle
– Staples in my head
– Falling down a lot of stairs ahah!

Top 5 ways to make you smile
– Waking up
– Kalyp$o
– First joint of the day
– Gatorade
– Lacing the illest shit imaginable

Top 5 tricks you’ve done
– 450 royal / AO top soul 360 out KCMO red rail
– The kush slide / AO top acid
– Blackslide the green goblin
– 360 into the giant bow & arrow in SF
– 540 from roof to parking lot in Charg¡ng

Top 5 items to take on tour
– Jahhh
– Papers
– Portable speakers
– 2 pairs of shoes
– Sockssss

Top 5 best things about Oakland
– Culture
– Bart
– Weather
– Kush
– The love


sequence-Recovered 850px


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