Top 5: Ben Schwab

Many might have been confused after watching Ben Schwab‘s introduction profile in Accidental Machines. Really confused indeed. It was the perfect mix between high speed skating, ballsy stunts and technical prowess, while Ben’s creative outlook on blading and skate spots was only matched by his stylish moves and attitude.

Before his Mindgame section, few had achieved to blend together so many aspects of blading. And even fewer had managed to make it look that good. But the most confusing thing of all, was Ben’s twisted way of looking at spots. Often overlooked, Accidental Machines is one of the best videos in blade history. And Ben Schwab’s groundbreaking opener section heavily contributed setting such a high standard.

Ever since it brought him in the limelight back in 2006, Ben Schwab has managed to stay relevant while sucessfully eluding blading stardom and staying true to his humble, yet incredibly positive personality. More recently, Ben was featured in the highly anticipated f33t release, and teamed up with Lonnie Gallegos again to shoot a Xsjado promo edit which might leave you just as confused once it drops in a few days.

As his new signature skate just hit the stores worldwide, we took the opportunity to shoot Ben some questions. Here is his Top 5.

Ben Chill house

Interview: Freddy White
Photography: Lonnie Gallegos

Top 5 things people don’t know about you
– I am obsessed with music
– I count the # of letters in any word
– No tomatoes
– ½ Persian
– I’m from Ohio

Top 5 ways to annoy Lonnie Gallegos
– Follow him in a cop car
– Fling skittles at his face with a rubber band (but make sure you don’t hit him in the eye, just the cheek)
– Forget to wipe the lens
– Spend too long doing one trick
– Blast country music in his car

Top 5 things to do besides blading
– Play with my band Golden Daze
– 1642 bar
– Hang with the Rockwood Cult
– Make the best breakfast
– Hang with Jack

Top 5 video sections
Jon Elliott – Brain _Fear_Gone
Aaron Feinberg – Words (second section)
Mike Lilly – Road To Nowhere
Brian Bina – SSM Edit
– Any Latimer section

ben tts guard rail

Best thing about riding for Mindgame
– Riding for Mindgame

Top 5 bladers of all time
– Dustin Latimer
Victor Galicia
– John Schwab
Oli Short
– Victor Galicia

Top 5 musicians/bands?
– Kurt Vile
– Cass McCombs
– The War on Drugs
– Mac Demarco
– Amen Dunes

Top 5 movies
– Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Michel Gondry
– School of Rock – Richard Linklater
– Midnight Cowboy – John Shlesinger
– The Meantime – Brandon Negrete
– Louie C.K. TV Show

Top 5 ways to spent 5$
– Chipotle
– Marlboro light
– Give it to Sean Sea
– Orange juice
– Iced vanilla latte

Ben Backslide Rd Rail

Top 5 things to worry about
– Money
– Health
– Teeth
– Traffic
– Ernesto

Top 5 worst injuries
– Sprained ankle (Accidental machines)
– Bruised heels
– .
– …
– Aging and feeling injured all the time

Top 5 people
– Mom
– Dad
– Brother
– Jacob Loeb
– Ben Magaziner

Top 5 filmers to films with
– Lonnie G
– Negrete
– D Paine
– Matt Hornick
– Homie cam

Top 5 items to take on tour
– Phone
– Computer
– Skates
– Money for iced vanilla latte
– Good music

Top 5 reasons to leave Ohio
– Boredom
– Christians
– Racists
– More friends in LA and Portland
– I love it there too

Top 5 cities
– Los Angeles
– Portland
– Barcelona
– New York City
– Dayton

Top 5 tours you’ve been on
– I forget the names of them
– All the European tours
– Any road trip with my friends
– The Lee Martin tours
– Never Ending Toury

Top 5 things about being a Pro
– Traveling
– Challenging yourself
– Respect, bro
– People kiss your face
– So much money

Ben rd wall shot 2

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