Photo by Dom West

Australia has been under siege with devastating bushfires recently which have been burning across the continent and over hundreds of thousands of hectares. Untold damage and numerous properties lost have swept the nation, affecting those like OG blader of Cosmo Wheel fame, Tom Fry.

On Saturday, Tom had his home hit by the fire, losing everything in the fire short of his dog and car. A lifetime of memories, all his belongings, thousands of dollars in tools to make a living all incinerated. In an effort to help Tom earn a living, fellow blader Scotty Crawford has started a GoFundMe page to replace Tom’s tools and get him back on his feet!

We want to do our part and get the word out! Offer your love and support to this legendary blader. Show the best of blading by supporting those who came before us, those who gave themselves to the sport so that we could be here today.

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