The illustrious THEM Skates team has just gotten stronger with the addition of powerhouse David Sizemore. There has been speculation of David being added to the team for some time now after the demise of Valo Skates two years ago and the time seems to finally be here.

David’s style, professionalism and previous working relationship with Jon Julio seem to make him a perfect fit for the THEM Skates team and to celebrate his addition to the family, David worked closely with videographer Ivan Narez to produce a proper introduction video and the end product is everything you have come to love from the duo. David’s skating has only gotten stronger in the last few years and his amount of control and confidence have only grown in his time away from the spotlight. Ivan’s attention to detail and the amount of thought and effort he puts into how he presents his subjects is also a sign of a true professional and makes for a solid piece of cinema.

One of the things I appreciated most of the introduction video was that it was shot on film and gave a unique ambiance which fit the locations perfectly and matched the musical score to a T. Great work from the duo and kudos to THEM for adding another superstar to their prestigious team.

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