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THEM Skates is headed to the UK in little under a month to promote the release of the heavily anticipated 909 boot. The team will be stopping off in Manchester February 8th and London February 9th. Tickets are available on and

Over the next few weeks, Be-Mag will be interviewing everyone on the THEM 909 UK tour, getting to know their experiences in Britain, favorite parts of Brit culture, and what tour life means to them.

In this feature, we sat down and chatted with Alex Broskow (@AlexanderBroskow) about the tour.

Photo by Christian Delfino

Is this your first time in the UK? 

I’ve been many times, amazing place. 

Favorite UK memory

I landed at Heathrow hours after the 7/7 bombings. I was stranded there with no clue as to what was happening in the city or who was picking me up. Eight hours or so later, someone came and we went to the Nass Festival. Maybe not favorite but it’s definitely memorable.  

A more positive memory was my most recent trip. Adam Kola and Ollie Baker brought me over to film a part for The Booted with Ryan Gillett. Lots of laughs in London. 

Sequence by Christian Delfino

If you find the time to go sightseeing, where would you want to visit?

Big Ben. Take a selfie with a guard. Walk across the Millennium Bridge, what a rush!

What are you most looking forward to on this trip?

Seeing and skating with everyone. I haven’t been to England in a while, so I’m just excited to be there. 

Do you collect certain knickknacks when you visit a new place?

I don’t think so. 

If you had to choose a theme song for this tour, what would it be?

Spice Girls – Spice Up Your Life 

Who is your all time favorite skater from the UK?

Oli Short! 

Person you’re most likely to get into trouble with on this tour?

Definitely Marius [Gaile]. 

What do you dread the most about traveling?

Not being able to find good coffee.

Photo by Christian Delfino

Do you have any good luck charm you bring on trips?

Them skates

What are five essentials you are bringing on this trip?

• Skates
• Wheels
• Phone charger 
• Camera (point & shoot)
• Rain shell

What are some lessons you’ve learned on tour?

• Bring a towel.
• Don’t stay out all night drinking with your buds, you gotta skate in the morning. 

Photo by Christian Delfino

The Beatles, the Rolling Stones or Queen?

David Bowie

Sherlock Holmes or James Bond?

N64 Goldeneye

Doctor Who or Monty Python?

I don’t know what Doctor Who is. 

Cup o’ tea, pint of beer, or shot of scotch?


Bronson or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?

My friend Mike Lilly had a Bronson thing going for a bit, that was cool. 

Crisps or chips?

I like fries, so I’ll order some chips. 

Meat pies or sunday roasts?

I hope to find some good donuts.

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