The Real Truth about ‘Valo V’

Quoting Brian Krans of Blade Or Die: 

Two weeks ago, the Valo team, led by the filmmaking skills of Ivan Narez, debuted ‘Valo V’ in San Francisco and select satellite locations. Not depending on where you plan to see it, you definitely should see it.

Even if you’re the biggest stickler who gets hung up on the tiniest less-than-perfect details, there’s something to enjoy. And, if you aren’t impressed with the talent shown in the video, check your goddamn pulse.

Seeing how the video, book release, and photo gallery were mere blocks from my house, I thought I would tap down a few words about the whole thing. I did, after all, have myself a good ol’ time.

-Brian Krans

Check the ‘Valo V’ site to catch a premiere near you!

Photography by Isaac Larios