The dynamic duo of Karsten Boysen & Benjamin Büttner of the Cayenne Project are set to release their fourth installment in their series titled “CUADRO”. Shot entirely in Mexico in 2019 and featuring the talents of some of blading’s biggest names such as Scott Quinn, Carson Starnes, Chris Farmer, Joe Atkinson, David Sizemore, Dominik Wagner, Chris Smith and Richie Eisler.

If you have seen of the previous Cayenne Project videos such as Formosa or Delfon Dio, than you know what to expect from the pairing of Boysen and Büttner. That means beautifully shot landscapes, upbeat musical scores and sequences that truly capture blading in it’s prime. On top of all of this, Karsten and Benjamin have a natural gift for representing blading’s bright personalities in a way that is as truthful as it is entertaining.

We can’t wait to see Cuadro in it’s final form, we know that it will surely be one for the history books.

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