The Be-Mag shop has officially opened

The Be-Mag shop is the latest evolution of the Be-Mag project.

Over the past 17 years, Be-Mag has been dedicated to covering all aspects of the sport and bringing the best blading had to offer both in print and online form. Through the long history of the magazine, Be-Mag has build a strong relation with the core brands as well as the creative characters and professional skaters involved, and has developed its commercial side to help import major international brands to the European market through Swank Distribution.


The Be-Mag shop is the next logical step to keep the Be-Mag project growing.

In order to keep on providing high quality content to our online readers, cover the technical costs that come with running the largest website in blading, and continue delivering the best of Be-Mag through our print issues, the Be-Mag shop is a complementary step to fund part of the project. The profit made through the shop will help finance our existing structure, and develop an even better media source to keep on spreading the word in the best of ways.

The Be-Mag shop shares the whole Be-Mag philosophy.

High quality is once again our main focus, with a fine selection of brands, rare items and limited clothing lines, as well as the best products from each company’s product-range only. One of the shop’s highlight, the custom-skate building system allows you to build your skates the way you want, without sticking to pre-build customs nor having to purchase unnecessary parts.

Just as for our recently re-booted version of the magazine, which brought better content than ever and enhanced interaction with our readers & supporters, the Be-Mag shop has worked with some of the best pro skaters and brands in the sport. With their input, and the quality work of our skate photographers, we want to show the very best and make things exciting again. To keep it short: we pride ourselves in carrying your favorite pros’ favorite products. Simple.


The Be-Mag shop is now in Europe. And soon to be featuring the world!

The Be-Mag project has evolved step by step, and for the Be-Mag shop we plan on doing just the same. At first we will focus on Europe only, building a strong base before we travel to the rest of the world. However, future customers can already sign up for our US waiting list, as well as for upcoming international versions that are planned next. But just as everything else, one has to learn how to walk before they can run, hence why Europe will be our first step in this process.

The Be-Mag shop staff is, well, essentially the Be-Mag staff.

The Be-Mag shop is a collective project where every person involved with Be-Mag is somehow participating. Be it deciding the overall direction of the shop, helping with the selection of our goods or providing insight and feedback, from the magazine to Swank, to the actual shop, everyone is participating and helping build your new favorite shop. The people in charge of running the Be-Mag shop on a daily basis are:

  • Leo Donhauser: order process, English/German custom support. 15 years of e-commerce experience, over 10 years of working experience within the blade industry.
  • Freddy White: copywriting, French customer support. Be-Mag staff editor, over 15 years of blading experience.
  • Igor Slokovic: design. Over 15 years of blading experience, 10 years of design experience within the blade industry.

Welcome to the Be-Mag shop.

The Be-Mag Staff