Almost under a veil of darkness, Razors pro and all round great rollerblader Alex Burston recently lauched Streets of blade, a five day – five skater rollerblading video competition. All in all, three crews applied, the English Warriors with Dan Collins, Leon Purdey, Simon Wheeler, Gareth Morton, Joel Tilly and Ed Inglis on the camera, the youthful Dutch 400 crew with Pascal Tan, Sem Croft, Davie Nijenbrink, Levi Van Rijn, Jaro Frijn and Cavin Le Macon on the camera and the Polish FTP with Bartek Malec, Karol Byrski, Kamil Gruba and Tomek Przybylik with Michał Łuczak filming and editing. In short, all the blading was great and the edits came out really diverse and fun.

We spoke to Alex about the concept of the competition and what came out of it.


Words: Josip Jagić

How did you come up with the concept?
The idea had been routed in my mind for a while. In Manchester where I grew up has always had a lot of skateboarders. They put on an event similar to what we did called “weekend in the city” so I guess that gave me a lot of inspiration for doing the streets of blade thing. I talked about it with people and everyone seemed keen. The “Streets of blade” name just came to me. I was sat in my room brainstorming concepts. Going into Joey Egans room every 15 minutes showing him ideas. Good times. So yeah it is all pretty random. As usual. The best way.

How many people entered the competition? Who?
At the start we had 6 teams interested but only 3 teams entered. And they all smashed it. The English team “The warriors” which is Gareth Morton, Dan Collins, Simon Wheeler, Leon Purdy, Joel Tilly and filming and editing Ed Inglis. The Dutch lads team “400” with Pascal Tan, Sem Croft, Davie Nijenbrink, Levi Van Rijn, Jaro Frijn and behind that lens and the editing was Cavin Le Macon. And the Polish fam team “FTP POLAND” with Bartek Malec, Karol Byrski, Kamil Gruba, Tomek Przybylik and fiming and editing was Michal Luezak. So 17 people all together. All teams killed it! So good.


Who was judging and deciding on the winners?
A lot of people. I sent the edits to so many people before putting them online. Like Adam Kola, Juan Suarez, Aritz Ortega, Joey Egan and many more. Every where I went that had internet I would show people.

Who won?
400 won. The Dutch lads. Everyone smashed it. It was such a hard decision.

How big is the prize purse?
300€ but next time we will hope to make it bigger and better. And hopefully we can give the top 3 teams some money. We shall see. 2nd place will be receiving some presents from our sponsors.


Do you see this as a regular event or a one-off?
I would like to do it again for sure. Next time BIGGER!!!!!

Who was your personal favourite?

I loved them all. They all had a different feel to them.
You lot are super G’S!!!!!

Get ready for the next one!





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