German wonderboy Marius Gaile and his crew of friends just dropped a short video titled “Second Gear” for your viewing pleasure.

Featuring a much anticipated full section of Marius as well as Max Hide with solid appearances by the likes of his brother Fabian Gaile, and friends Connor Pearce, Wirasak “Gag” Ickenroth, Stephan Mohr, Thomas Thellmann and Michael Witzemann.

It is nice to see strong crews like these still continuing to make full videos and showing blading for what it always should be, having a good time with your friends. As a plus, the skating is solid, the filming is on point and the editing isn’t overdone. Pretty simple, eh? The boys have made for quite an entertaining video and we hope they continue to pump out awesome content like Second Gear going forward.

Stephan Mohr, UFO. Picture: Marius Gaile

Max Hide, backslide.

Max Hide, backside.

Editing: Marius Gaile

Camera: Marius Gaile, Fabian Gaile, Max Hide, Michael Witzemann, Robbie Pitts