Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 3 – Lost In Transition

Photography by Felix Strosetzki
Words by Freddy White

First things first: the bowl in Roskilde is fucking amazing. Well thought, well made, this wooden transition paradise offers an unlimited amount of lines and stunts, which might explain the variety of skaters that made it to the finals. If you’ve ever seen Mathias Silhan skate park, you know how his flawless lines, controlled style and spins got him 3rd place. Considering how different their skating is, it was hard to decide whether CJ Wellsmore or Joe Atkinson would take 1st, but in the end, Joe was definitely the crowd pleaser with his constant improvising, lacing insane tricks on every obstacle and a deathly fishbrain stall on the fence in the final minute. However, mad dog CJ still proved he’s one of the best transition skater in the world by spinning left and right, carving that beast full speed while keeping a huge smile on his face. In the end, everyone’s a winner since we all get to share the beer prize anyway.

Which might also explain how we all made it through the day, although sleep deprivation is definitely starting to take its toll on us. Enough with blading anyway, it’s more than time to celebrate again, exploring the huge camping site and numerous, spontaneous discotheques spread out all over the place. I’ll let party king Felix Strosetzki’s pictures speak for themselves though, and keep you waiting until tomorrow for the next update. Stay tuned for Chapter 4!

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