Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 2 – Muddy Waters

Photography by Felix Strosetzki
Words by Freddy White

Clouds come and go, and the occasional rain drops remind every camper how fragile their condition in Roskilde is. Bladers, and everyone on the site for that matter, all will have to deal with the rain today. For some, it means there won’t be enough time for proper finals on the street course. For others, it’s a detail that brings their tents one step closer to the edge, since no one actually wishes to wake up in a torrent of mud.

Birthday boy Richie Eisler shared 1st place and a few packs of beer with Mathias Silhan after a friendly race across the course, and everyone’s favorite Texan Joshua Drake Glowicki took the Street City by storm, lacing tricks everywhere with the flow and style he’s well-known for. That means some cash for our Gypsy friend, two full packs of beer, and one hell of a smile too!

Another kind of storm then pushed everyone to consume even more beer. Before the ground was even dry, obviously everybody was more than eager to party, which wasn’t too hard as the street course soon turned into a giant dance hall. Dancing the night away, I assume everyone made it back to their tents safe, as the bowl contest turned out to be really awesome on the next day. But you’ll have to wait a little more for the next delivery, back online tomorrow for Chapter Three!

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