Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 0 – An Introduction

Photography by Felix Strosetzki
Words by Freddy White

Roskilde – Two beautiful Danish babes on the side of the road, and one sign pointing to the center of the city: welcome to Roskilde. The new outdoor snake-run & bowl is nothing short of incredible, as well as the entire surroundings, and the indoor skatepark will be our home for the night. We can thank Bo Ejstrup for both, and Tuborg for putting us to rest one after the other, as a late night walk through the Festival area has brought our excitement to new levels.

The Festival – You’ve heard about it, you might even think you’re prepared for it, but let me assure you: there’s nothing on this Earth like Roskilde Festival. Despite last minute shopping stops for booze and sleeping bags, we’ll always come short of supplies for the week. Despite hearing stories and tales for years now, I am still amazed by the place, the people, and the atmosphere. The Festival hasn’t really started yet, and yet I fear this heaven could soon turn into a muddy hell. Now that people have crashed the fences and rushed through to gates to set up camp, our first night here could be a good indication of what is yet to come.

The line-up:

– Richie Eisler (Canada)
– Montre Livingston (USA)
– David Sizemore (USA)
– Gabriel Hyden (Germany)
– Dominik Wagner (Germany)
– Fredrick Andersson (Sweden)
– Jacob Juul Pedersen (Denmark)
– Joshua Drake Glowicki (USA)
– Denis Wolf (Germany)
– Alex Burston (England)
– Remy Meister (France)
– Matt Luda (USA)
– Joey Chase (USA)
– Marc Moreno (Spain)
– CJ Wellsmore (Austaria)
– Matthias Silhan (France)
– Joe Atkinson (England)
– Eito Yasutoko (Japan)
– Rich Parker (England)
– Timm Kittlitz (Germany)
– Frederik Kofoed-Sørensen (Denmark)
– Ralf Monnerup (Denmark)
– Kåre Lindberg (Denmark)
– Seth Nicolas (Denmark)
– Palle Skovhede (Denmark)
– Patrick Ridder (Germany)
– Alex Popovich (Denmark)
– Gregory Preston (USA)
– Christian Berg (Denmark)
– Tom Ahlqvist (Denmark)
– Nikolas Belka (Germany)