The mighty Roces team has just released an awesome new video to promote their Buio M12 and Fifth Element skates. The promo features the pro Roces team of Nils Jansons, Yuto Goto and Bobi Spassov as well as the Roces am team of Francesco Fama, Grant Hazelton, Levi Van Rijn and Giuseppe Lunetto and was edited by by Marco Valera.

The Roces team has been on quite an epic tear lately and the new Buio promo further cements the crew as one of the consistently impressive teams in the industry. Their chemistry and camaraderie is quite noticeable and Marco does an incredible job in portraying how truly fun skating can be. It isn’t forced or overdone, it is just an honest expression of our lifestyle and hats off to the Roces team for making yet another classic production for us to enjoy.

Be sure to pick up a set of the new Roces line from your favorite skateshop!

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