Justin Chad Anthony just dropped Skitch Videomagazine issue 3 and the website Longliverollerblading so Be-Mag jumped him and made him answer five questions off the top of his head.

photo 1
Words: Josip Jagić
Photography: Skitch Videomagazine

What keeps you motivated to run Skitch and will there be another issue after this one?

The people closest to me, keep me motivated. Real love keeps me motivated. The thought of my hypothetical great grand children sliding down gnar ass grind rails, keeps me motivated. Who knows. For now, I will continue to focus on the brands I’m involved with.

How and why did you choose Jimmy Kobryn for the cover? What do you think is new in his skating that the world needs to see?
Jimmy chose himself. On that day, the entire born free crew had made it to Denver. We were in them streets, with BLC. Basically, we were in full effect. We got glance of the giant structure. I ask Jim if wanted the cover of the next skitch. His immediate answer was to dart through traffic & climb up on the object.
I love his skating though. It’s classic. Steady speed, innovative tricks, all around ripper. Something skating hasn’t seen much of since Aaron Feinberg.
The main profile is on a good bud, named Anthony Medina.
photo 2

Financially, how hard is it to handle publishing a print magazine?

It has it’s challenges. But nothing worth it, ever comes easy. Money is pretend. It is never simple to generate funds on the side hustle to make something tangible. But, anyone could do it. Just gotta push through. Putting it all together is very fun. I really enjoy documenting skating.

photo 3

Do you have a famous role model in rollerblading, who is it and why?
Inside the rollerblading culture, a few people have truly influenced my brain. Clearly, Shawn Engler, also, Brian Bina, Gill Ilanit, Angie Walton, Andrew Nemiroski, Robbie Pitts, Jan Welch, Tri Rudolph, DAP, Taylor Popham, Jon Julio, & Brandon Negrete, Matthias St. John.
Current fave, Collin Martin or Alexander Broskow, at times my twin brother when he gets in a certain creative zone.
Most influential, Latimer.
If I had to idolize, Id give it up Arlo, or maybe Steve Larios.

Thanks for the love Be-Mag.
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