Last month Nils Jansons and Kaspars Alksnis released their epic promo video “Breeze” to promote Nils’ new Roces Fifth Element skate which is set to drop in the near future. Now the boys have released a behind the scenes video documenting the trials and tribulations that they encountered in making “Breeze”. Filmed on a vintage VHS camera, Kaspars shows Nils battling his way through stubborn security guards, angry pedestrians, hyper active children and every adversity imaginable.

If you have seen “Breeze” than you know that Nils came out victorious in his battles, but you get a better understanding of the complicated process that is required to obtain the clips needed to make for a classic video promotion.

Photo: Fabio Veranda

If you happened to miss Nils’ “Breeze” promo than here is the finished product.

Photo: Fabio Veranda

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