You might have seen the video that made it’s rounds on television showing two skaters rolling through Wuhan, China, the place where the coronavirus originated, during it’s early days of the citywide lockdown. The video garnered a pretty good amount of positive attention but it also drew ire from several individuals within the media condemning Josh and Rob’s actions. Their disgust was pretty comical and it made for quite the entertaining satirical replays within our blading community.

Well now Josh Nielsen & Rob Kellett have returned with their full-fledged new video titled “Neon Inline“, which was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, their time in Wuhan was cut short due to the coronavirus, but they were still able to make this beautifully filmed and edited piece with the footage they were able to collect.

The video’s fresh and futuristic graphics gives us flashbacks reminiscent of sci-fi classics such as Blade Runner and Total Recall while the skating from the duo is equally impressive with both Josh and Rob displaying super clean style and uncanny technical abilities. We especially loved the Be-Mag and other sponsor’s logos thrown into the video as well! Nice touch, boys!

Edited by Rob Kellett. Soundtrack: The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

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