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2019 has been one of the brightest years for rollerblading in almost two decades with countless numbers of successful events happening worldwide and a tangible feeling of positive momentum building up within our community. As we have matured we have seen a noticeable improvement to video productions showcasing our lifestyle and the personalities that represent us. One of the individuals that best accomplishes this task is none other than Dom West. Dom‘s productions are always visually stimulating and he has a certain gift for cinematography and finding the most fascinating way of displaying a location or individual at the most fitting moment.

Dom has helped raise the bar for videography within the rollerblading industry and he is an individual that has parlayed some of his talents into avenues outside of rollerblading which can be more widely seen by the general public such as Netflix and Animal Planet.

We talked with Dom about some of his most memorable moments from this year and this is what he had to say.

Where did you start 2019 :

My year started with a 6 week shoot in Africa where I was directing a wildlife documentary series in Kenya for Animal Planet. It was a great way to kickstart start the year but it also gave me some down time to plan what skate projects I wanted to work on in 2019. You spend a lot of time in the wilderness waiting for specific animal behaviour and so your mind definitely has time to wonder.

Photo by: Jonathan Scott, @thebigcatpeople, @untitledfilmworks

Where are you ending 2019 ( Explain any major changes that occurred to you with in the year ):

I’m ending the year at home in Sydney, Australia enjoying summer and skating with the boys. I’ve been enjoying skating myself more this year and so I often find myself putting the camera down to skate. Joe Atkinson is here at the moment though so it’s been tough to not film. In between skating and work I’m trying to spend some time editing the content I shot in Nigeria in November.

Favorite memories from 2019:

Visiting Dan Ogbogu and his family in Nigeria with BFree was without doubt the highlight of the year for me. It was an extremely humbling experience for me and Brian and one of the most memorable weeks of my life. Getting to work with Jon Julio on a {Perspectives} piece in Sydney was also a massive highlight, along with Scott Crawford, Tom Fry and the legends of the Australian scene.

Spots traveled to in 2019:










Playlist that sums up 2019 ( list your favorite jams from 2019):

Jump Street Podcast

Photo by: Louis Burke-Xie, @jacquilambie

3 video picks you watched over and over in 2019:

Leon Humphries – Devotion


Fish Guys 4

What are you looking forward to in 2020:

Skating more and creating projects that can share blading with the world. 

Here are some of Dom’s best works that he released this year. Enjoy!


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