My 2015: Chris Smith

Whether 2015 was an awesome or a terrible year is up for debate. If you are more of the “glass half empty” type, then it is undeniable that the state of blading truly is worrying. With social networks slowly killing legit media sources, Magma & [MAG] both quitting this year, iconic companies like SSM gone, more shops closing down, without any money to actually pay our best pros and print magazines becoming rarer and rarer, one has to admit things could be better.

On the other hand, 2015 has brought in the most fresh new faces to blading we have seen in a long time. The steadily rising level of skating is nothing short of incredible, and more diverse than ever before. Dedicated brands are still pushing and new, innovative products like the Aeon skate and CRS frame have hit the market this year. Finally, many contests, festivals & skate camps are putting in the work to raise blade awareness and get new kids on skates… Glass half full.

Despite being really good for a really long time, it wasn’t until recently that Chris Smith caught everyone’s attention. With his classic steeze and refined trick selection, in 2015 Chris’ appearances in tours and videos were scrutinized and thoroughly appreciated by the masses. If he produced several edits for GC, the Pow-wow or Adapt however, the section he’s been filming with David Sizemore has remained a secret until now. Until his 2015 profile finally drops in just a few days, here’s his view on this past year, along with some exclusive screenshots: cheers everyone!


Words: Freddy White
Photography: Brian Weis, David Sizemore, Kaspars Alksnis
Video stills: David Sizemore

My events in 2015:
Copenhagen Blade Days
Roskilde Real Street
The Wheel Deal
Blading Cup
A-Town Stomp

My Tour Life in 2015:
GC Pow-Wow
Cayenne Video

My edits/parts in 2015:
Been working on something with David all year that should be released any day now.


My Cities in 2015:

My Countries in 2015:

My injuries in 2015:
Couple minor head hits and back problems.

Any specific moment or experience that stood out?
Mainly just becoming good friends with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. A lot of good times that hopefully I’ll remember forever.

What was your worst day in 2015 and why?
That’s kinda deep…

Is there such thing as a best day in 2015?
It would be too hard to name one day the best.


Best in 2015:
Travel Buddy? Carson
Event? Pow-Wow
Country? Hmmm not sure, Norway?
City? ATL
Meal? The family meals on the Cayenne tour were legit
Song? Gucci- High
Girl? Starr
Website? Vimeo
Company? Valo or Haitian
Beer? Terrapin Hi 5 IPA or High Life
Party? Roskilde
Tricks you’ve filmed? Far side fish stall
Story? Ehhh I’m not a great story teller

Bestest in 2015:
Blader? Alex
Up-and-comer? Ray Kronenberg
Bladie? Chihiro
Video? Nowhere
Profile? Alex- Nowhere
Videographer? David
Writer? I don’t read much
Photographer? Kevin Dowling or Matt Jones
Visual artist? Jonas Bodtker or Ryan Gillett

What’s planned for 2016 so far?
Move back to the city, keep learning, and meet a lady.







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