As ever, the only sure thing about a street comp is high blood pressure. Here in Denver, a little over a week ago, Luke Bender hosted the Mile High City’s annual comp: The Mile High Battle. I hadn’t actually planned to write anything for it, because, “write-ups” are usually weak and the photographs usually do a better job of telling the story anyway.

Words: Frank Stoner
Photography: Michael Langhausen

The thing is, street comps like the MHB do raise blood pressure, but not always in a bad way. The anxiety, the stress, the excitement, the big tricks, the local kid who summons the nerve… they all add a jolt to both the host city and her various crews. They also serve to get everybody to turn up and remind the world that there are still people rollerblading, right there in their hometown.

This year, in our hometown, Denver’s weather went from snow-in-the-forecast to downright hot during the span of a single afternoon. Luke and his cadres planned out a blistering 5 spot sequence for the whole thing—in a fairly classic selection: ledge, square rail, 9-stair, 20-stair, kinker.

Master photographer Michael Langhausen shot the event and his photos are below.

Results are as follows:

1st Place: Hazen Bell
2nd Place (tie): Jarrod Banning
2nd Place (tie): Kyle Vandongen
3rd Place: Adam Bazydlo

Honorable Mention: Tom Leong, Chris Burns

Best Trick: Jarrod Banning, Hazen Bell

Little Big Man award: Phil Acosta

Luke wants to thank Smiley for his help producing this year’s Battle, and Adam Montoya and Josh Acosta for creating the stellar trophies.

Big ups, too, to all the blading and non-blading companies who sponsored the event: Razors, Ground Control, Oysi, Hypatia Extracts, ONE Magazine, 50/50, Rollerblade, Intuition Skate Shop, Blader Union, Vibralux, Dead Wheels, Rollerwarehouse, Zwei Brewing, Nguyen, Oak City, Cheesy Feet.

Next year will be Year 20 of the Mile High Battle, so stay tuned.