Our friends over at Adapt Brand have just released their profile on Julian Bah from their team video for free to the masses! Julian filmed this profile over the course of two years with talented videographer Cavin Brinkman and the end result is one of Julian’s most stylish and well rounded profiles he has released in his long and storied skating career. Cavin did an amazing job in showing Julian’s entertaining and upbeat personality, which is something that is sadly not shown nearly enough in blading media these days.

But once the skating kicks in, it is all business from there! Julian shows once again why he is one of the greatest skaters of his generation and his profile finds the perfect balance between enormous stunts and stylish maneuvers. There is a particular stunt where Jules unity cess slides a massive drop ledge then slowly drops into a beautifully grabbed fishbrain that will make you scream in excitement at your phone or computer screen! The fact that he had to land and immediately dodge the large amounts of cable strung at the bottom of the humongous ledge just adds extra style points in our book.

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