Joe Coyne Talks Relentless NASS 2012

NASS is the largest action sports festival in the UK. We caught up with the organiser of the NASS blading contest Joe Coyne to talk about what we can expect from the iconic festival.
Joe Coyne Blading organiser for NASS
Taking place like clockwork every year in the south of England you can expect 3 days of insane blading from some of the worlds elite riders, and of course not forgetting a lot of partying! Recnet years have seen some of the worlds leading riders fly in to compete in front of the huge crowds that flock to the event every year and this year is proving to be no exception. It’s time to head to the supermarket and buy a tent and some wellies NASS is upon us!

Which riders can we expect to see at NASS this year? 
All the usual suspects including Chaz, Elliot, Burston, Jenna and Swain. Of course there’s Lomax who is on a roll at the moment winning 4 of the last 4 events he’s entered. We’ve also got Roman Abrate who is always great to watch and last years winner, Jeremy Suarez coming back for more. Stockwell is also making the trip out and will be shooting with Kola whilst he’s out here. Still locking down a few last minute names so watch this space.

Dre Powell NASS
Dre Powell, Joey Egan, Jeremy Suarez and Blake Bird at NASS

Where is NASS and why should people make the trip?
NASS is in the middle of fucking nowhere in Somerset. The event takes place in a field with the street course occupying a building that’s usually reserved for cattle. Why should you make the trip? Well shit, it’s got to be the most exciting blade event in the UK with huge crowds, live music and extremely young girls, if that’s your thing.
Montre Livingston NASS
Montre Livingston at NASS 2011

What is the prize money looking like? 
Still locking down the final prize purse but thanks to our amazing industry sponsors we’ve upped it from last year. It’s looking a little like this for the Pro event:
1. £2250
2. £900
3. £750
Jeremy Suarez Winning NASS
Jeremy Suarez Winning NASS 2011

How many different contests will there be and over how many days? 
We’ve had an overwhelming response this year and the event is now full. We run an Open comp on Friday, Am comp on Saturday and the Pro comp on Sunday followed by my favorite event of the rolling calendar, the Richard Taylor best trick competition.  We’ll also be taking over the Street Spots course on Sunday afternoon for a tricks for cash jam.
Jordan Maders and Elliot Stevens
Videographer Jordan Maders and Pro rider Elliot Stevens at NASS

Can we expect to see the return of the mega ramp?
Unfortunately not, the organizers realized that the only sport making full use of the mega beast and actually doing shit was us and for them it was a bit of a waste of money.
NASS 2012-Course-designs
NASS 2012 Course Designs

The course looks pretty insane as always. How much of an influence does blading have on the course design?
I’ll be completely honest here and say that we have very little to do with the course. Saying that Sean Scarfe and his team are great and always consult us but the powers that be ultimately have the final say on what goes on. And of course two blade dudes are involved in the build, Andy Spary and Sam Tuffnell so they are our men on the ground ensuring coping gets added and the transitions aren’t too pussy.
What’s the schedule looking like? Early starts? 
Still finalizing the schedule at the moment and I know everyone always bitches about the early starts but it means we can then focus on chilling and practicing for the beer pong event…
Beer Pong at NASS
Beer Pong at NASS

How can people register for the contest or buy tickets?
Registration is now full but you can still buy tickets from
Crowd NASS
Crowds at NASS going crazy!

5 essential items should people bring with them to NASS?

  • A tent
  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Your blades
  • Your substance of choice
  • Something to sit on

Tinie Tempah NASS
Tinie Tempah playing at NASS

5 things people shouldn’t bring with them to NASS?

  • your girlfriend
  • a scooter
  • No more than 12 cans of booze
  • Any booze in glass bottles
  • weapons

Alex Morris NASS
Judge Alex Morris hyping up the bangers at NASS

Will we have another infamous Leon Humphries Beer Pong contests?
Of course, I think we can all agree that it was a highlight of last years event. Will Sim Warren and Spike take the title again? Details of the event will be up on the Kingdom facebook soon.
Adam Kola NASS
Photographer Adam Kola and his Beer Pong ammunition. will be at this years event to give you guys a constant strema of live updates! See you on the 6th July!