Our homie Ricardo Lino got on the phone with Mr. Razors himself, Andy Wegener. For all you industry nerds, this is a must listen. Here’s the topic timeline.

01:15 – Who is Andy Wegener?
05:40 – What’s happening with the new Razors Skate?
09:15 – Liners on razors skates until now and in the future.
12:10 – Good marketing or good product?
15:32 – Was Razors the First Skate Brand with a Proper YT channel?
17:45 – why was Razors a “Rock´n Roll” or “Gangster” brand?
20:00 – What happened to the Razors House?
24:30 – How did you get into Scooters?
27:51 – is Sex the reason why kids stop skating/riding?
28:10 – Health insurance in America
30:40 – Brian Aragon
32:10 – You lost Roman Abrate.
33:10 – Why razors always worked well with american riders?
38:55 – How many skaters there is in America?
39:08 – Big wheels plans?
41:10 – 125 mm UFS skate???
50:14 – How can we make this industry better?
55:30 – Is “Do or Die” good for skating?
56:55 – When should we expect an Inline Skating peak again?
59:16 – What do you think of the USD AEON skates?
1:01:10 – Isn´t it a problem for shops to have a new skate every 3 months?
1:03:00 – why did you never start something related to roller skates?

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