Insight: Patrick Ridder

Patrick Ridder is not a newcomer at all. He‘s got sponsors since more then ten years and was always part of the German core scene. Going on tours with Grindhouse, filming for video parts and all that stuff. In the last few years people outside of Germany started to realize his potential as well and that led not only to a Valo sponsorship. Time for an insight with Patrick Ridder.

Picture by Felix Strosetzki

Full Name: Patrick Ridder

Age: 28

Blading since: 1996/7

Born in: Mannheim, Germany

Currently living in: Mannheim, Germany

Sponsors: BlackJack, Chimera, Valo Brand

Setup: AB Vibralux, Create OG Frame, Chimera Hyden Wheels

ridder - insight - be-mag
Fishbrain (Picture by Felix Strosetzki)

Relationship status: in a relationship

Favorite artist / band: A Tribe Called Quest

Worst artist / band: all Dub step artist’s

Favorite food: Taco Truck in Oakland

Worst food: Thai Food, I´m not feeling the coconut milk

Favorite city: San Francisco / Oakland

Worst city: Frankfurt

Best trip in 2012: Los Angeles with Kåre Lindberg and Olav Norheim

Last trip: Berlin

Next trip: back to California

Next video part you’re filming for: Nothing planned so far, but I’m sure Peter Bender has something in his mind.

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