Short Facts: Jon Julio

Legend, company owner several times over, event organizer, long time Pro rider, video game character…
All of this and much more is what makes Jon Julio the man he is today. There are countless interviews and stories that Jon has done over the years and we thought it’s about time for a little “recap”. How many Pro skates does he have? video sections? companies owned? Find out this and get the latest gossip about his current projects. Ladies and Gentlemen, Jon Julio.

How many companies in total you have been involved in: 9
The YouthCo
Valo Brand
Runners Project
D-Structure SF
How many countries you have visited in your life so far: I believe 24 countries
How many video parts you had in your entire career: I think this is all of them. Working on 24
VG 2
VG 4
Hoax 2
Hoax 3
Mr. Moosesnuckle
Coup De Tat
Back in the Day
One Love Documentary
Quest for the Holy Rail
Elements 2
Dyna 1
Dyna Remix
Paradigm video
5050 Juice
2nd Regime Hot 102.R
We Are Valo 1
We Are Valo 2
We Are Valo 3
JJ Light Edit
35 Edit
working on V
How many Pro Skates you had total: 13 Pro skates
JJ Light Wine and Black
JJ Light Grey
JJ Arlo
JJ Velcro black
JJ Velcro white
JJ Hemp Khakis
JJ Hemp black
JJ Grey Elephant
JJ Black Elephant
USD Psirus black
USD Psirus black and khakis
USD Throne grey
USD Throne black thrones
What’s the approximate release date of V: Christmas 2012
Is there already a premiere planned: Yes most definitely.
How many tours you went on to film for it: Hmm. New York, Europe, Reno… 5+ tours.
How many people will have a full part in it: Not sure yet.
What’s the approximate release date of Blading the Game: Mayish. Soon!
How much is it going to cost: TBA
How many characters will be in it: TBA
How many companies are involved: 25+ companies are involved
How many levels: Currently testing 4 possible levels.
When will The YouthCo Frames be available: April
Any chance there will be a team video in the near future: Just got back from Vegas. We have a promo edit coming.
Is there going to be a Blading Cup in 2012: Talking about it!
Where and when: Santa Ana, Ca.
What products we can expect from Valo in 2012: New skates, clothing and Valo V
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