History lesson: Advertising in the 90′s (part 2)

Print adverts, they have been around for decades. We all know what today’s print adverts look like, a sleek studio shot of a skate and usually an action shot to accompany it. This has become the standard and very few people deviate from it. But, how did companies advertise back in the day?
When the first Daily Bread Magazine came out in 1993, blading like we know it today didn’t exist.
Pro skaters were still to be formed, there wasn’t really an industry established around it yet and most of the people involved were around 18 years old! But already back then “Skater Owned” was a big deal. New companies popped out monthly and their print adverts were straight, harsh, funny and everything in between, anything but boring.
With the second series of our “History lesson” we have again searched through our blading archives to show you some our favourite adverts from back in the day. We feel that today’s blading world would be more fun, entertaining and unique if we still had these kind of adverts.
Senate, Daily Bread issue 12
senate_DB9 Kopie
Senate, Daily Bread issue 9
dbshirt_DB12 Kopie
Daily Bread Shirt, Daily Bread issue 12
scribe_DB11 Kopie
Scribe, Daily Bread issue 11
medium_DB11 Kopie
Medium, Daily Bread issue 11
Medium, Daily Bread issue 12
jethro_DB9 Kopie
Jethro, Daily Bread issue 9
jethro_DB11 Kopie
Jethro, Daily Bread issue 11
jethro_DB12 Kopie
Jethro, Daily Bread issue 12
asphaltshop_DB12 Kopie
Asphalt Shop, Daily Bread issue 12
meatz_DB11 Kopie
Meatz, Daily Bread issue 11
tna_DB12 Kopie
tna, Daily Bread issue 12
riseabove_DB12 Kopie
rise above, Daily Bread issue 12
vg3_DB11 Kopie
976_DB9 Kopie
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