Oh man, the early nineties were a great time to be a little kid. Nintendo, neon colors, New Kids on The Block, Beverly Hills 90210 on TV. If you were a kid in Eastern Europe, chances are Beverly Hills 90210 was the first place you could see proper rollerblading, with Chris Edwards and Arlo skating the vert on the Venice Beach boardwalk, even before Hoax 1. And if you were growing up in the US, you might have just ran into a copy of Inline, produced Craig McGowan 25 years ago.

This is some of the first vert blading footage ever, and it features none other than the Airman himself, Chris Edwards, planting the seed for generations of bladers to come after him, vert or street. Even in this early video, Chris knew how to put on a show, and his moves show he’s aleady got a few year’s vert skating under his belt.

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