Hedonskate Tour 2012: The Full Report

Introduction & Write-up by Nils Jansons
Edit by Edgar Krasnovs
Photography by Kaspars Alksnis

We had a great group of personalities and bladers in one van for this tour. One of the best from Europe, Joe Atkinson, joined us to get some hammers in Lithuania. There are only a few good bladers there and we managed to hook up with them and find great places to crush down during the whole tour. Thank you locals – you’re the part of family! If I need to talk about the spots there I can sum them up in one word – incredible! It was like a small Barcelona for us and we are the only ones to have truly explored what the country has to offer. After watching the tour edit you will find that there are new places for you to go when you crave totally new, fresh spots.

The weather screwed us a bit, but that’s mother nature for you. Don’t worry mother – we love you the way you are. In the mix of things our van broke down for three days and we couldn’t get out of Kaunas, and because of the weather we couldn’t even skate. But, there was a light at the end of that tunnel because when it was fixed we got back on the road and headed back home for the last tour stop and biggest event in Latvian rollerblading history: Ghetto Games. Loads of pros came to be part of the event and enjoy the awesome time, and I know that they will be back for sure. Congrats to Roman Abrate for taking first place. A huge thanks to everyone who made it to the competition, killed the park, and enjoyed the awesome time in Latvia.

Overall, the tour was fun. We had everything you could wish for during the tour; great chill days, shredding days, great spots, great people, a broken van, rain, sun, police, beer, green, nightlife, day-life, and of course friends. Thanks to everyone who was on the tour and had great time on and off their blades. And, of course a huge thanks to our sponsor, Hedonskate, and to our supporters; Be-mag, TheRolling, Go-Pro, Sportakameras, and Ghetto Games. Without you all we didn’t stand a chance to experience this adventure. Check out the edit and photos to see how pretty damn awesome it all was.


-Nils Jansons