JP Primiano, New York native and filmer extraordinaire behind ButterTV, has run into a major issue that might leave the blading community short on his well filmed and cut content. Recently his hard drive crashed, with it taking projects that were in the works. There’s a possibility the hard drive is recoverable but it would take $1600 at a hard drive recovery center to do so. There’s no telling what a technician can recover though it’s worth trying. l

Mike Torres set up a gofundme dedicated to raising money to pay the costs of JP’s drive recovery. Mike let us know this isn’t something JP would ask for himself—he’s just not that kind of guy. This is asking the blading community to show some love for the man who redefined what contest videos look like and has been put out for free for the last 5 years. What you are doing is paying it forward to ensure JP puts out more amazing videos. Assuming his files are recoverable, that’s Winterclash 2020 contest coverage, interview/sections with Jon Julio and Soichiro Kanashima. Tell us you wouldn’t contribute your coffee money for any of those videos if it were a VOD?

Give what you can and help JP keep making the videos you love. Or at least remind him to make backups so we don’t have to make posts to do so.

As of the writing of this feature, the fundraiser has $152 out of the $1600 goal. You can donate on GoFundMe:


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