Our homies over at Ghetto Community have just released their newest full length episode of “YKTV” (You Know The Vibes) and this special episode features the boys taking a trip to the mother land of the Dominican Republic to donate some used skates to the local youth there and get them excited to start blading. It is steps like these that will help to grow inline skating to areas that may not ever have the opportunity to start skating the way that we do.

“YKTV episode 2” features Jordan Baez, Pablo Munoz, Tim Franken, Carlos Montenegro, Chauncey Jenkins, Travis Diaz, Andy Feliciano and more! You have the option to purchase the full video and receive a discount code to be applied to an exclusive Ghetto Community/Dr. T collaboration shirt.

Support the boys by following the link below to the Sellfy account where you can purchase this full length video. Your support will help Ghetto Community in creating more original videos and apparel as well as help them bring skating to individuals in low income areas of the world.

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