We always love to receive video submissions here at Be-Mag and we were excited to see a submission from a talented blader named Siavash Sohrabi, who lives in Esfahan City Iran. Siavash put out quite a surprising profile filled with super technical moves and a rather unique style to accompany them.

We had the opportunity to chat with Siavash a little bit about what inline skating is like in Iran and what his goals within skating are. Check out what Siavash had to say.

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us about your profile, Siavash. Your profile was quite impressive and just to give a little insight into it, how long did it take to film your new profile?

Two months.

Wow, that is awesome! Was this all filmed in your hometown of Esfahan?

Yes, it’s all filmed in the center of Esfahan City.

 How long you have been skating? And how you first find out about inline skating living in Iran?

12 years so far, first time I see my friend come with some old Rollerblades, and I asked him about some skating spots and he explained me about that kind of skate (aggressive) and it was very interesting to me so I bought some K2 Fattys and I started to figured out grinding. 

Is there a very large skate scene in the area that you live in?

Actually, there are four or five (bladers) left but they are not serious about skating, but there is lots of skaters and five skateparks in Tehran (capital of Iran). 

What are your biggest issues in skating in Esfahan? Are people supportive of skating there or is it discouraged?

The biggest issue is the price of the skate. I can’t find lots of rails so I skate ledges often. After that I don’t have skate parks to practice and being at this level and skating alone on hard spots is difficult. But yes, sometimes people here are not supportive because they don’t know about this kind of skating, when they see it in the streets for the first time, they think it’s dangerous.

How did the Covid pandemic affect you and skating in the city of Esfahan? Were you able to skate much during the last few months?

Skating in the hot weather with a mask is very hard including trying tricks on hard spots, also I want to go to other cities of Iran to film for a new video but it is on hold because of Corona. 

What are your goals in skating? 

Having sponsors and skating with pros and being part of a team. I think that is a good place to start. I am just trying to give a little more information to include in your video so people can understand what it is like to skate in Iran and get to know you better.

Who are your biggest inspirations within skating currently?

Alex Broskow, David Sizemore and Josiah Blee.

Thanks so much for your time, Siavash! We hope to see more from you in the future!

Thanks alot for doing this, it’s huge and important to me!



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