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How many Facebook friends do you have? How many people are following you on Instagram? You only posted 43 times on the message board? Our generation sometimes defines glory and happiness through numbers and some feel superior just for having a few more followers than others. But not only the numbers are what counts, it’s important having something to tell, important to post the right picture and the best wisdom. “Variety is the spice of life!”, “Pain is temporary, glory is forever!”, or even “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” are wisdoms on our social media timeline on a daily. But sometimes it’s getting too much and it’s time to write your own story, to experience life yourself and find your own wisdom. Zone out and enjoy life, that is the slogan of the new NISSAN JUKE campaign. The NISSAN JUKE is the right car for everyone who prefers to go out and experience life instead of reading about it. Close the door, start the engine, it’s that simple at times.


On the NISSAN landing page you can try the “Truth Generator”. Life wisdom meets the verity of the streets. You can pick your own wisdom out of 26 verities, combine them with 26 backgrounds and of course share them with your friends, using the campaign’s hashtag #klappezu and #jukezitate.

You can also personalize your own NISSAN JUKE and book a test drive.
You can read about it or go out and experience yourself.

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