Geoff Phillip is one of our favorite rollerbladers, just check how much we lauded him in the past. And while you might hear the word favourite being thrown around a lot, Geoff deserves his place at the pantheon of underrated skaters that influenced some of the most loved and appreciated in the game. Take for instance Eugen Enin, the USD pro at the top of the street skating game now. I’m sure, if you asked Eugen does Geoff influence his skating, Eugen would say yes. He was one of the first to show his support for Geoff’s new VOD section, called Huckleberries, shot and cut by Carter LeBlanc.


And what does Huckleberries bring to the table? Well, as any of Geoff’s sections in the past, this one again brings in some of the most tech manouvers you could see on street, but we won’t spoil it for you too much, let’s just say there’s a lastplant to 540 kindgrind involved, along with some switchups that are too hard to follow, let alone try to copy.

Go get it here, and down below, you can read what Geoff wrote about making this video.


The day after wrapping up my 2017 profile Carter and I started work on this piece. With the help of everybody who bought the last part, I was able to stay in Seattle for 18 more days of filming before heading back to Denver to end my 5 year streak on the road. I’m writing this from my new apartment, with peace in my mind for the first time in years, and I feel like I did a good thing.

Back when I started the QYLT, that’s all I ever really wanted out of it; I am able to look back, and feel like I did a good thing. Thank you all.


Thanks to Orange Wheel Company, Create Originals frames, Intuition Liners, Vibralux Denim, and of course Valo Brand.

Special thanks to Sam Asken and Josiah Blee for helping me get through the mental struggle of getting this footage. You boys put up with a lot for me and you are loved for it.

Lastly, a million thanks to Carter and Lin, for housing me and enabling my coffee creamer problem. When it’s huckleberry season, no fruit could be sweeter my friend.


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