Cavin Le Macon‘s Cali Capers tour ended last week, this was his coup de grace, getting tattoos and seeing Cro-Mags.

last week cali header

Words: Cavin Le Macon
Photography: Cavin Le Macon, Bee Amour, Sean Macgowan

We met up with the guys from the Endless bummer tour: Cody Sanders, Austin Bartels and Heath Burley, that where in town for a day and a night. Levi showed them that capped rails can still be killed.
These guys have been on the road for some weeks but their spirit was like it started yesterday, happy to have meet you all and hope our paths will cross again.

cavin lui kang

At night I went to see the almighty CRO-MAGS play in a small bar. Sadly it was a 21+ show so I couldn’t take Levi to see this legendary NYC hardcore punk band from the early 80,s.
The day after my girl got really sick and I booked a hotel for the two of us so she could chill and rest. I found myself some time and started to arrange Pascal Tan’s clips and see if i can start the edit. I ended up making the edit in a few hours. Took me some days to fine tune everything and I sent it to Be-mag.

derek new skates

Bee felt a bit better on Sunday but stayed home to make sure it went away completely.
We where all a bit tired so the last few days we skated and chilled with everyone that we met and died mine and her hairs pink because YOLO!
We went to see the sealions and seals one more time before we had to leave to LAX and fly to our new destination.
On our last night we took Russell to his play rails at a baseball court to have a goodbye session untill they shut of the lights.


bee beach

bee cavin colours

beee levi beach

cavin filming russell full torq

cavin filming

cavin lui kang

cavin russell


last week cali header

levi feet cactus

levi front full

levi front torq

russell cavin reviewing

russell cleaning spot

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