The incomparable Eugen Enin has just released a trailer for his new VOD, Initial E, which was shot & edited by Vincent Lindgren & Eugen’s brother, Daniel Enin, who also did sound engineering & color grading for the video, as well as featuring 2D animations by Jonas Bødtker. Similar to his E3 VOD from a few years ago, this video was shot on location in Tokyo, Osaka and Okayama Japan. The VOD spans a solid twelve full minutes of mind-bending Eugen action, which is as long as other full length videos with more than one cast member!

The short trailer should get you juiced for the upcoming release as it immediately enthralls you with wild moves such as double grabbed fishies, stylish scenery swipes and switchups so quick you’ll need slow mo to comprehend what happened! So stay tuned here for more updates as this will surely be a video that you will need to add to your collection.

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