Taylor Kobryn has just released Danny Malm‘s incredible profile from his video-of-the-year contender “Hit It Whet“. Danny’s skating is always extremely creative and innovative and his skating seems to bring out the best of NorCal’s most unique skate spots.

One of my personal favorite moments from Danny’s profile is seeing him plead with the security guard to give him one more time to land this narrow runup to gap. Most skaters know that pressure of really only having one more go and hearing Danny say “I am doing it right now, this is it!!”, you definitely felt that! Seeing him stomp it with ease was one of the highlights of the video for me and it really conveyed that feeling of adrenaline that is rarely duplicated anywhere but in a street skating environment.

So, cheers, Danny!

So peep Danny’s classic profile and be sure to follow the boys from Hit It Whet since we hear of a sequel in the works!

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