Our boy Cavin Le Macon is still in the good old US of A, filming with the Dutchies and locals such as Razors pro Jon Fromm for his upcoming projects. He’s still kind enough to share some of the moments with us.


Words: Cavin Le Macon
Photos: Alex Klepikow, Sean Macgowan, Bee Amour and Cavin Le Macon

So the squad is now complete with the presence of boy wonder Levi van Rijn.
On his first day he skated this sick alleyway in the hot sun and that got his blood pumping like a mad man and it hasn’t stop until this day. Best plan to bring him on this trip.

We slept half the week in Ocean Beach at Logan’s and his girl Marie and their dog Rasta. Logan is the DUDE! He lives next to the OB pier and the cliffs. The best place to stay as a tourist. Every morning we walked to the cliffs and to the main streets to get our coffee and tea at Jungle Java before we went out and skate.
Thursday we went out with the dude and Derek and slowly some more skaters joined the session. We ended up at Edwin his favorite handycaps so we had to get some tricks on those for our boy.
On friday Jon Fromm joined us for a rail session and he is a beast with his hardspin grinds. Russell felt good and we got some more night clips.


Saturday we where on a mission for Russell to get some bangers. Sadly he crashed HARD on the first spot and hasnt skated the whole week.
We had a slow day after that but made sure Russell got iced straight away.
Sunday was crazy. We met up with some guys at a school and more and more skaters showed up. Normally i hate big sessions but this was a good one. Almost everyone skated the spots and if not they just watched and waited for the trick to be done.
Hayden Ball came with his dog Dusty that ran after Hayden all over the school ground.
After staying with the DUDE we went to sleep at pretty boy Jon Fromm. Jon is a clean and nice guy with a same house. I think he will regret that we stayed in his house 🙂 no he loves us around, we cook for him and Tanna turn up (one of pascal his alter egos) makes Jon die every day.


We showed him some stuff Tanna does for work on youtube (Pascal is a child programm host) and Jon couldn’t stop laughing.
He lives in a complex with a swimming pool so Bee is super happy.
We went to skate some ditches on Wednesday. Since SD had a record of rain last month some ditches where still wet and some of them where full of sand and rocks. We still skated some and came home with tricks. I think it was the hottest day so far so we choose the wrong day but we still had a lot of fun.
We took the trolley from his area to downtown on Thursday to do some salvation army shopping and try to skate some San Diego Highschool spots. We skated a few but than got kicked by cops. few hours later we returned for some other tricks.
Pascal is here stil for a few days so the next few days he needs to get loco or like he says “TURNED UP”
Enjoy the pictures and for daily updates of our crazy and funny days go follow us all on instagram.


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JCT - Liu Kang Grab

PST - FS Backslide










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