Thanks to the crowd support of the Blader Union backers, Jeremy Soderburg has returned with one of his best profiles in his long and storied career. After taking a step down from his position from the USD International pro team last year, Jeremy has came back with the fire in his belly and some new THEM boots to match.

In the vid, Jeremy gets down with his usually tech ways with some wild switchups that we haven’t seen from many before him as well as some smooth moves on some unlikely spots such as busted street signs and the treacherous insides of water fountains .

The video also has awesome appearances from his close friends of the Too Easy crew such as Joey Lunger, Joe Jimenez, Gregory Preston and Parker Richardson.

Filmed by: Joey Lunger, Dennis Lopez, Jordan Williams, and Jalord Santos. Blader Union‘s Crowd Funded series is made possible with the support of their backers on Patreon. If you’d like to help create more content like this video please consider becoming a backer of Blader Union on Patreon:

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