The Russian scene has always had a rich skating history with talented individuals such as Andrey Zaytsev (RIP), Kirill Galushko, Evgeniy Leonov and many more representing for their country and gaining notoriety around the world. With well organized park and street contests going down regularly, as well as video content popping up from the community consistently, the scene looks to be growing bigger than ever and that trend doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon.

Russian prodigy Ilya Savosin is one of the individuals that is making huge waves across the globe thanks in part to his extremely entertaining videos he posts frequently via social media. His playful and upbeat personality are always on full display and his skating prowess is undeniable. When I saw that Ilya had released a full length video titled “BALDËJ”, which features him and his crew of colorful friends, I was ecstatic and could hardly wait to see what the guys came up with.

The main theme that ties “BALDËJ” together is the overwhelming sense that the guys featured are skating for themselves and having the time of their lives doing it. Even if some of the tricks may not be mind-blowing in their technicality or amplitude, it is obvious that that is not their main objective. That is not to say that “BALDËJ” is short on entertaining tricks because they have their fair share of them throughout the video! All the skaters profiled have a rather unique take on how they approach their tricks and spot selection, which makes for a very fun and entertaining piece that always keeps you guessing on what is to come next. The subtitles are also hilarious and very much appreciated for us non-Russian speaking individuals.

“BALDËJ” features the skating talents of Nikita Romanov, Stanislav Latincev, Egor Gashnikov, Ivan Chanchikov, Ilya Savosin and many, many more!

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