The infamous Bacemint brothers, Sean and Colin Kelso, just released “Zephyr_2.0”, an eye popping new promo video to go along with some fresh new threads they just dropped in time for the holidays. The Philadelphia born and raised SK and CK continue their trend setting ways in re-imagining trick combinations and emphasis of stylish execution. Their technical mastery just seems to be getting better with age and surprisingly more fluid, if that was even possible.

It is also becoming more apparent that Sean has developed a very signature “Kelso” feeling to the Bacemint videos he is producing. If you have been watching his progress from his earlier works with “The Truth” video series to his more recent “Rare Form“, “Trust the Process” and “Fishguys“, you can see his trademarked style developing , both in his infectious musical scores, unique filming and video samples.

Be sure to follow Bacemint on their social media pages as well as their office web store.


Facebook: bacemint

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