Art of Rolling Print Issue 3 Fundraiser

Growing up in Brooklyn NYC I started stunt rollerblading as a kid at 9 yrs old. Living in a rough neighborhood it kept me out of trouble and gave me a sense of purpose. To this day at age 25 I now try my best to cover the young and old rollerblading talent that is seen on the streets of the NYC skate scene.

All over the world people want to know what goes on in the NYC skating culture; but to date NYC has 100s of talented skaters who have no mediums to present their talent to a global audience. New York City is known for many things and is the center of the world at times; however, there is an extremely interesting urban culture that thrives here which nobody has paid attention to for years.

With extreme sports hitting the map for the past couple of years, it has been a major source for entertainment, products and especially positive influences on the youth. The Art of Rolling Magazine’s purpose is to provide an outlet where these skaters can showcase their talent to others across the globe who share their same passion and interests in extreme sports.

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