TPM_FB_ArloEisenbergArlo Eisenberg was once dubbed the face and voice of his generation and his story sounds like the best 90’s movie that was never made. Arlo, the punk rock kid from Texas drops out of the University of Texas and moves to California to become a star in a sport that isn’t really a sport yet. He arrives on Venice Beach, gets “found” and blows up to be a global sensation who lives a life that is every 13 year old’s fantasy. Along the way he stirs up a national controversy, hosts the X-Games and rides off into a world of graphic design.

Listen to it here.

Arlo Eisenberg Show Notes from Mike Powell’s The Powell Movement:

1:49: Arlo the CrossFit and the similarities betweenCrossFit and Rollerblading

6:20: The early days for Arlo and the history of his family

9:43: Arlo talks about the dynamics of Texas

14:25: Testing into public art school in Texas and being bussed to school

18:00: Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

19:46: How did Arlo first see Rollerblades and Ice Skating in Texas

22:14: Skateboarding in Texas


23:55: Was Arlo good at any other sports?

25:35: University of Texas and the 90’s movie that Arlo lived

31:00: Breaking his ankle and moving to California to create his new life

35:00: What is the look and style of Arlo at this point

36:27: Jumping barrels on Venice, getting a place and meeting Brook Howard-Smith

39:50: Making it shortly after getting to Venice, turning down a contract from Rollerblade and then turning it down based on principle

43:50: Going on his first Europe trip and quitting his job in LA

46:28: Starting Senate to cater to their product needs and ground zero for Aggressive Inline.

52:00: did they realize how the market would develop? What was the money like at this point.

54:28: Spohn Ranch as a hub for skating and culture

57:00: Not being a jock but had the talent and ability to where he expected to win contests and the pressure to win contents.

59:00: The Frontside and Arlo’s groin issues and how that impacted him at the first X-Games.

61:00: What did X-Games gold mean to Arlo?


63:00: His graphic design and marketing work at Senate and the Destroy All Girls and the exposure it generated.

109:00: How much did he make with Senate? What did he spend his money on? Did he invest? How did the park come about?

114:54: From USD to the commentating for ESPN and how was it working with ESPN?

117:46: The ESPN meeting gone wrong for Arlo

128:18: Is he aware of what people think of him?

129:36: His MTV Sports story

133:00: Arlo’s Art and how unique and shocking it can be Skeptic Tattoo Blog

135:00: Being a skeptic in life

136:07: Joining the family business Eisenberg And Associates

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